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We love to experience breathtaking nature and running. Seeing new exotic locations, off the beaten path, through the experience of running. Then taking that experience and sharing it with runners around the world. Our goal is to bring you incredible dream races that give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We cater to runners by bringing you amazing races, we also cater to race directors and organizations to help them reach runners around the world. Discover the Asia Endurance experience today.



We bring you to exotic locations throughout Asia for once-in-a-lifetime race experiences. Focusing on incredible locations, well-organized races, and amazing life experiences. If you love to run, love adventure and to see the world in new ways then these races are just for you. Start planning your next adventure race.

Race Directors


Do you have an amazing race in a beautiful location? Work with Asia Endurance to help grow your race for runners around the world to discover. We collaborate with you to apply our expert market experience and promote races to the global running audience that loves to travel and seek adventure through running.


Featuring true bucket list adventure races that runners dream of running. Experiencing parts of ancient history, mountain tops reaching to the heavens, and exotic regions that take your breath away with incredible landscape and nature while running a race. It is the best way to vacation and see the world through your passion of running!


 APRIL 12, 2020  MARATHON, HALF, 10K
Adventure runners rejoice with a bucket list race to run one of the 7th wonders of the world, a historic landmark, the Great Wall of China. Run through the steps of ancient history on what has been revered as one of the most challenging marathons on the planet. Your next ultimate running adventure awaits you!

Taiping Lake 100

 OCTOBER 24, 2020  100K, 50K, 21K
Run in the Huangshan region of China in a race that takes you from the spectacular Taiping Lake to the landmark Yellow Mountain. A location that is world-renowned for being one of the most unique and beautiful mountains featuring unusual rock formations.

Four Sisters Ultra

 OCTOBER 31, 2020  100K, 60K, 45K, 35K
Experience one of the most incredible mountain ultra races in the world at the Four Sisters Ultra on Mt. Siguniang in Sichuan Province of China. Reaching up to the heavens in this high altitude mountain races for a true bucket list adventure!

Wuyi Trail Race

 OCTOBER 31, 2020  100K, 60K, 35K
The ultimate adventure race through the mystical Wuyi Mountains in the northern Fujian province of China. A World Heritage site that is home to the famous oolong tea farms and landmark cliff mountains that is the setting for an incredible trail adventure race unlike anything else in the world.


In addition to working with amazing races in Asia, our partners at New Global Adventures host several awesome race experiences in California in the United States of America. Featuring a variety of races from challenging trails, obstacle course racing, to charity fun runs, there is something for everyone to experience when running in California.

Grit OCR


Experience an obstacle course race (OCR) that digs deep and challenges you to push yourself to new levels of physical endurance and strength fitness. Featuring over 20 obstacles on a 10K trail course.



Experience a beautiful and very challenging trail race that takes you up to the peaks and along the ridgelines with panoramic views, then into the canyons through the hills of Valencia for a truly awesome trail challenge!

Silver Moon Race

 APRIL 11-12, 2020  6, 12, 24-HOUR, 100-MILE

Discover the beauty of central California running through scenic farm orchards, under the canopy of oak trees, and along the majestic Kings River. Starting at sunset and running run individual or team relay through the night under the vibrant glow of the full moon and stars.

Arts Run

 APRIL 25, 2020  10K, 5K, KIDS DASH

Celebrate the arts with the annual Arts Run in the Santa Clarita Valley, a creative and fun run/walk with art performances, activities, and displays throughout the run while supporting your community Arts.

Sugar Daddy Race

 JUNE 20, 2020  HALF MARATHON, 10K, 5K, KIDS

Celebrate Father's Day by kicking off the weekend with an awesome Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, & Kids race taking you on a scenic tour through the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley. Plus get an ice cream treat to help cool you down at the finish line!

Be The Light


A spectacular 5k/10k night run/walk in Valencia, CA that supports youths in recovery with A Light of Hope. Bring family and friends, dress up with glow lights and shine your light for those in need!



SPACEROCK: the final trail running frontier.
These are the voyages of trail runners around the world.
Your mission: to explore strange new trails, to seek out new life and new experiences, to boldly run where no one has run before.


Branding, user experience, creative vision, technology, marketing, passion, and the love of running. This is what the team as Asia Endurance can bring to your race and reach a global audience of adventure runners who love to travel to experience races in exotic locations around the world. We can collaborate with you to achieve this goal and in turn, help to grow your race with very little effort or resources from you.

Beautiful Websites

We collaborate and partner with race directors and organizations to help your race grow in the international market. Applying our proven methods, expertise, and strategy from our successful track record to reach the global running audience. We make it easy for you, and continue to help you grow year over year.


  • Vision
  • Branding
  • User experience
  • Website technology
  • Marketing strategy


  • International exposure
  • Global marketing
  • Increase participant registrations
  • Increase race revenue
  • Race consulting and advice

We look at every race as a long term partnership to help bring runners around the world great experiences. If you organize or would like to organize a dream race at an exotic location and want to grow your races to reach the global running audience then contact us so we can review and discuss how we can collaborate and help you.


Asia Endurance brings you a powerful team with years of experience in the running, sports, travel, creative, tech, and marketing industries to help bring you and runners around the world amazing experiences.

Charles Huang
Charles Huang


Mr. Huang has been leading in International sports travel services for several decades bringing runners to landmark races around the world including events in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Mongolia, Beijing, and many more. A passionate athlete who has completed countless marathons and triathlons around the world.

Terry & Jenny
Terry & Jenny Majamaki


Terry and Jenny Majamäki are enthusiastic runners whose background and experience is rooted in online technology with a focus in creative design, user experience, software engineering, web design, development, and marketing to create great websites and experiences for the global running industry.

Ryan Chang
Ryan Chang

Marketing Coordinator

Mr. Chang brings hands-on event coordination experience combined with his degree in business marketing to help penetrate the global market through many channels including web, email, social media, search, apps, and more to help bring exposure and growth to every event.


We are here for you, be it questions about the races above, or to work with you. Simply complete the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. Thank you!